Extend-All™ Fitting

(EAL Series: EAL-2.0, EAL-1.5, EAL-1.0, EAL-.75)

The "best" way to repair PVC plumbing. Whenever a PVC fitting needs to be replaced, a small part of the pipe that is glued into it is lost. If there remains 1 ¼" or more pipe then the Extend-All™ Fitting is the best way to reconnect the system. The Extend-All™ Fitting is glued onto the end of the pipe making it just long enough to accept the new PVC fitting.


1. Zero restriction

2. Always fits right

3. Fits all schedules of PVC pipe

4. No Stress on pipe

5. Saves time


1. Requires that 1 ¼" of pipe remains after old fitting is cut out.

NOTE: If less than 1 ¼" of pipe is available,
the LASS Enterprises PIPE EXTENDER can be used to accomplish the repair.

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You may purchase these items:

Extend-All Fitting™ 3/4" (EAL-.75)   for  $2.97

Extend-All Fitting™ 1" (EAL-1.0)   for  $3.43

Extend-All Fitting™ 1 1/2" (EAL-1.5)   for  $4.10

Extend-All Fitting™ 2" (EAL-2.0)   for  $4.38

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