Extend-All™ Case Study

In the following picture we had two irrigation control boxes with a 1" schedule 40 pipe running between them. Originally the 1" pipe came out of one box went to a 90° elbow and directly into the next box.
We wanted to add a line in between the two boxes. With the close quarters all around the boxes
and the heavy root growth we would of had to dig a very large hole if it where not for the Extend-All™.
As you can see with the Extend-All™ we had to excavate a relatively small hole

We simply cut out the 90° elbow. Glued an Extend-All™ into the branch and one of the runs of a Tee.
There was enough play on the run side of the Tee to pull back the pipe the needed distance to glue the
Tee assembly into place. We then tied on our new line into the other run side of the Tee.
In this case we reduced to 3/4" pipe made a swing joint in order to come up to the right elevation
and continued on from there.

The Extend-All™ saved us a hour plus in time and saved us money.