Purity Pool Inc.

Fly with the Red Barron Squadron

Purity Pool, Inc. designs and manufactures an extensive line of scoops, rakes, and other professional timesaving products. Purity Pool products are the finest, top quality timesaving tools and accessories for the pool professional.

Often imitated but never equaled, Purity Pool continues to lead the way with original,
innovative products designed for the service professional.

Red Baron Series (20" wide)
Top of the line professional scoops. Nets available: Rag Bag, Tuff Duty, Leaf Chaser

Pro-Lite Series Series (18" wide)
Lightweight, sturdy professional scoops. Nets available: Tuff Duty, Standard, Silt

Ultra-Lite Series Series (18" wide)
The first Scoop/Rake Design, available since 1971. Nets available: Rag Bag, Standard

ReNew Kits
Rebuild your Red Baron Series and Pro-Lite Series Nets.

Spa Scoop Series (14" wide)
The complete spa cleaner. Nets available: Silt, Standard

SuperRake 40 (40")
Make childs play out of big cleanups. Nets available: Tuff Duty, Leaf Chaser

Tile Scrubbers
First Scrubber design, available since 1972—large soap-dispensing replaceable pads

Out Spot
Self-contained stain remover

Underwater Acid Wash
Continuous feed acid washer

Non-Clog Ball
Skimmer strainer

Wonder Weir
Surface skimmer for preventative maintenance

These items are not available for purchase online.

Please call us at any of the following numbers for pricing.

Toll Free (800) 683-4500
Phone (407) 682-6900
Fax (407) 682-2180

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