Introducing Plast-aid®, the exciting new multi-purpose repair plastic used for thousands of repair solutions!
Unlike anything on the market today, Plast-aid® forms a hard, durable, waterproof plastic in only 15 minutes!

Plast-aid® is a two part compound consisting of a liquid and powder. When combined, Plast-aid®'s unique curing
process begins. As it thickens, Plast-aid® transforms from a castable liquid, to a glue, to a putty, to a clay,
and finally to a hard, durable, waterproof plastic. This progression makes Plast-aid® an incredibly versatile tool,
allowing it to be cast into molds, used to repair breaks and fill gaps, formed into shapes
for custom parts, and much, much more!

Available in three sizes, Plast-aid® can be purchased from our ever-growing number of dealers
or directly from our new online store.

From fixing leaks to restoring antiques,
keep Plast-aid® in your tool box, junk drawer, and under the kitchen sink.

Happy Fixin's with Plast-aid®!

Repair Broken Items — Make Custom Parts


• Unsurpassed for PVC plumbing repair! Don't cut out damaged PVC,
simply & permanently patch it with Plast-aid® in only 15 minutes!
• Make custom fittings & threaded adaptors
• For a pictorial demonstration of a plumbing repair CLICK HERE.

Pool & Spa

• Repair pools & spas, skimmers, holes, cracks, leaky PVC, etc.
• Plast-aid® repairs are fast, waterproof & permanent.
• For a pictorial demonstration of repair CLICK HERE.

Plast-aid® can be Colored & Made into Parts

• Color Plast-aid® with artist acrylic or wood stain.
• After Plast-aid® cures, drill, cut, file & polish your custom parts
• For a pictorial demonstration of the curing process CLICK HERE.


This item is can not be shipped to Canada.
Contact "SCP-Canada" for availability.

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