Power Vac

A light weight, portable, self-contained vacuum for one-person operation.

Easily vacuum a 15' x 30' swimming pool in 8-10 minutes with the Power Vac 2100. It is a light weight, portable, self-contained vacuum for one-person operation and ideal for residential and commercial pools. Features 14,000 G.P.H. flow rate, 20" Cleaning path, and was specially engineered for precision cleaning and easy maneuvering in tight areas. Removable filter bags with unique bungee cord retainer makes emptying simple and effortless. Constructed of non corrosive A.B.S., machine will not rust, dent or corrode. Includes 40-foot power cord, Super Fine filter bag, Heavy Duty filter bag, and battery carrying case. Optional transport cat, PV038 available separately, allows even greater maneuverability.

Additional pictures of the Power Vac:

Front view

Side View with bag attached

Specifications for PV002-D
Size - Width: 19"
Length: 11"
Height: 11"
Throat Size: 6"
G.P.H.: 14,000
Propeller: 2-Blade
Motor: 30 Pound Thrust
Cord Length: 40 Feet
Amp Draw: 11 under load
Runtime (DG-33): 3 hours

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