Vented Skimmer Basket

(VSB Series)

The patented* Vented Skimmer Basket solves three potentially serious problems for the swimming pool owner - - by providing an above water handle that also serves to prevent skimmer blockage caused by a full basket of debris.

  • Above water handle prevents contact with items in the basket (Frogs, snakes, slimy leaves, bugs, etc.).
  • Vent prevents pump cavitation due to an overfull basket.
  • Vent prevents broken baskets due to an overfull basket.

Available in three different sizes.

  • Flow Diagram
  • Dimensions of VSB-1
  • Dimensions of VSB-2
  • Dimensions of VSB-3

Fits several skimmer brands including:

  • Swim Quip
  • American Products
    (flap weir style)
  • Pac Fab
  • Jacuzzi Deckmate
  • Hayward 1070
  • and others

Fits Hayward 1080

Fits Baker Hydro


* The Vented Skimmer Basket is manufactured and patented by:
GVT, Inc. Patent No. 583050

You may purchase these items:

Vented Skimmer Basket (VSB-1) for $33.90

SQ, SR, PF, Hayward 1070

Vented Skimmer Basket (VSB-2) for $33.90

Hayward 1080

Vented Skimmer Basket (VSB-3) for $33.90

Baker Hydro

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