VIP Spot-Vak


With its concentrated velocity of suction, the V.I.P. Spot-Vak captures all debris it comes in contact with.  NOTHING GETS AWAY.  Unlike conventional vac heads which disperse leaves, causing them to float away from the area being vacuumed, the V.I.P. Spot-Vak will not create clouds when removing algae, mud, DE powder, or sand.  The innovative V-notch design on the nozzle prevents the V.I.P. Spot-Vak from sticking fast to the bottom of the pool.  

Ideal for Cleaning:
  • Catch troughs on vanishing edge pools.
  • "Clumps" of leaves around main drain or in a corner.
  • The Spa Area of a Pool-Spa combo.
  • Acorns, Stones, coins, etc.
  • Quick touch ups.

Easy to use: Simply place your vacuum hose on the 1 1/4"or 1 1/2" adapter ends,
attach the vak pole onto handle with butterfly clip, and vacuum as usual.

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V.I.P. Spot-Vak (VSV-1)   for  $16.50

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