Dual purpose adapter for stain, spot and black algae removal. The Stain-Be-Gon makes it possible to easily remove those unsightly surface stains and spots that appear on the walls and floor of concrete pools. No need to get into the water and no need to drain the pool.

Pumice Stone not included.
For stains and spots - clamp a 1 3/4" square pumice stone (made by U.S. Pumice) into the Stain-Be-Gon and attach to the pool cleaning pole. Rub the spot gently and it disappears. Great for removing bobby pin stains, B-B stains, fertilizer stains, Etc..

tri-clor tablet not included
For black algae - clamp a tri-clor stick or three-inch tablet into the Stain-Be-Gon. This allows the technician to coat each black algae spot with tri-clor without entering the pool. When there are only a few black algae spots on the pool, repeated coating of each spot is an effective way of killing the black algae.

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