Snap Fittings

(SNP-.75, SNP-1.0, SNP-1.5, SNP-2.0, SNP-2.5)

The Quick solution to a “dripping glue joint”.

Snap Fittings

  1. Simply remove pressure from leaking pipe to fitting joint.
  2. Apply glue to inside of SNAP FITTING and to the leaking area on the pipe to fitting joint that is leaking.
  3. Snap on the SNAP FITTING centering it over the leak.
  4. Allow glue to dry before pressurizing the joint.
You may purchase these items:

3/4” Snap Fitting (SNP-.75)   for  $5.06

1” Snap Fitting (SNP-1.0)   for  $5.75

1 ½” Snap Fitting (SNP-1.5)   for  $6.89

2” Snap Fitting (SNP-2.0)  for  $8.87

2.5” Snap Fitting (SNP-2.5)   for  $11.54

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