Skimmer Basket Handle

(SBH-1, SBH-2)

Economical way to combat frogs, snakes, bugs and worse — they all find a way into the skimmer basket.
The Skimmer Basket Handle allows you to remove a basket without ever getting your hands wet,
avoiding the critters, even the ones you can’t see.
  • Stays on the basket so its always there when you need it.
  • Installs in minutes to any skimmer basket using 2 included screws.
  • Handle sits above the waterline and below the skimmer lid.
  • Weighted plastic sinks the basket.

(Basket not included).



Case of 8 shown.

You may purchase these items:  

Skimmer Basket Handle (SBH-1)   for  $15.40

Skimmer Basket Handle Carded (SBH-2)   for  $17.00

Skimmer Basket Handle Carded (SBH-2) Case of 8   for  $136.00

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