Thread Shields   Pipe Shields
THS-1 & THS-2   PSH-1.0, PSH-1.0M
PSH-1.5, PSH-1.5M

THS-2 Shown
Above : THS-1 & PSH-1.5 Shown while inserted
Below : PSH-1.5 Shown while split for easy removal

  • Protects threads of 1 1/2" return fittgs during plastering, guniting, etc.
  • Protect the inside of 1" and 1 1.2" schedule 40 pipe while guniting, painting, plastering, etc.
  • Eliminate need to "clean out" threads at start up.
  • Prevents partially clogged plumbing lines.
  • Insert easily.
  • Two Part construction for easy removal.
  • Have two part construction makeing removal easy.
  • Reusable
  • NO MORE "LOST FITTINGS". Blue and yellow colors make the locating of plumbing easy during and after the plastering Operation.
  • The M version can be detected by our THREAD SHEILD DETECTOR even if buried under up to 1/2 inch of concrete or plaster.
  • Reduce "water drip" from plumbing.
  • THS-2 Can be located by our THREAD SHEILD DETECTOR even when buried 1/2" under the pool surface.

View the PDF file of our catalog page for Thread Shields.
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You may purchase these items:

Thread Shield 1 1/2 inch Original (THS-1) for $2.41

Thread Shield 1 1/2" Magnetic (THS-2) for $2.90

Pipe Shield 1" Original (PSH-1.0) for $1.58

Pipe Shield 1" Magnetic (PSH-1.0M) for $2.03

Pipe Shield 1 1/2" Original (PSH-1.5) for $2.31

Pipe Shield 1 1/2" Magnetic (PSH-1.5M) for $2.82

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