Return Plumbing Extenders

(RPE-1.5F, RPE-1.5S& RPE-T)

  • Ideal for pools being resurfaced.
  • Extends IN-THE-WALL fittings to compensate for additional surface's thickness.
  • White PVC material

RPE-1.5S Shown

Three versions available:

Extends 1 1/2" Standard Female Threaded
Fitttings by 3/4" to 1".
Extends 1 1/2" Flush Mount
Eyeball fittings by 3/4" to 1".
Compatible with standard female adapters and special return fittings such as SP1022 and similar.

Extends 1 1/2" Trim Mount
Eyeball Fittings by 3/4" to 1"

When installing a Return Plumbing Extender be sure to seat the male threads with Teflon tape or silicone so as to avoid "behind the surface leaks".

You may purchase these items:
Return Plumbing Extender - Flush (RPE-1.5F) for $5.86

Return Plumbing Extender - Std. (RPE-1.5S) for $5.86

Return Plumbing Extender - Trim (RPE-1.5T) for $7.23

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