PVC Pipe Extender

(PEX Series)

The Pipe Extender allows servicemen to save expensive valves and valuable time when repairing plumbing where the fittings are very close to each other. One end of the pipe Extender glues inside SCH 40 PVC pipe. The other end glues into a new fitting. When installed, the pipe Extender cannot be seen. Flow restriction is insignificant (about like adding one more elbow to the system).

Available in Nine Sizes

  • Saves labor
  • Saves materials
  • PVC constructions
  • Invisible when the repair is complete
  • Permanent repair
  • Insignificat flow restriction

A must for every repairman.

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You may purchase these items:

PVC Pipe Extenders
½” PEX-.5 $2.28
¾” PEX-.75 $2.34
1” PEX-1.0 $2.95
1 ¼” PEX-1.25 $4.83
1 ½” PEX-1.5 $3.47
2” PEX-2.0 $3.88
2 ½” PEX-2.5 $7.30
3” PEX-3.0 $11.04
4” PEX-4.0 $15.22

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