Inside Couplings

(ISC Series: ISC-4.0, ISC-3.0, ISC-2.0, ISC-1.5, ISC-1.0)

  • Great in tight areas where several pipes are routed tight to each other.
  • Couples schedule 40 PVC pipe inside the pipe.
  • Available for 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3" and 4".

  • The four inch unit doubles as either an inside coupling or a reducing bushing. The four inch fits inside four inch schedule forty pipe on both ends. It can also be used as a three inch outside coupling and therefore as a four inch inside to three inch outside reducing bushing.

  • The three inch performs a similar function with three inch and two inch schedule forty pipe.

  • These fittings are particularly useful in the repair of tight, multi-pipe plumbing areas.

You may purchase these items:

Inside Coupling 1" (ISC-1.0)   for  $4.88

Inside Coupling 1 1/2" (ISC-1.5)   for  $6.31

Inside Coupling 2" (ISC-2.0)   for  $7.05

Inside Coupling 3" (ISC-3.0)   for  $17.61

Inside Coupling 4" (ISC-4.0)   for  $22.43

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