The Flood Plug

(TFP-1.5 & TFP-2.0)


Designed to be effective, easy and safe to use.


Stops the flow of water while repairing a flooded plumbing system.

Designed to temporarily seal off schedule 40 PVC

Easily removed after plumbing repair is complete

Tested to hold with four foot of static water head.

1) Insert the round side of the plug into the flooding schedule 40 pipe.
2) Slip new fittings and pipe sections over the two foot long tail.
3) Glue the new pieces in place. NOTE: Avoid getting glue on the tail as much as possible.
4) When the repair is complete, pull on the tail to remove the plug. The FLOOD PLUG will easily pass through 90s, 45s, tees, male adapters, and pipe on its way out.

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You may purchase these items:
The Flood Plug for 1 1/2" pipe (TFP-1.5) for $11.26

The Flood Plug for 2" pipe (TFP-2.0) for $11.26

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