Swimming Pool Anodes & Water Bonding

LTB-1, ZAD-1, ZBI-1

These anodes fight galvanic corrosion and surface staining.



LTB-1 Pool Water Bond via the Pool Pump

  • Connects to Pool Pump's bonding wire. (Shown Above)
  • Installs in pump strainer pot via the drain plug port.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Meets requirements of NEC 680 (C).
  • Patent Pending by CMP.



ZAD-1 Sacrificial Zinc Anode

Attaches to any skimmer basket.
Doubles as a "hold down" weight.
Fights Galvanic Corrosion and surface staining.



ZBI-1 Inline Sacrificial Anode & Water Bond

Protects the pool from Galvanic Corrosoin.
Replaceable zinc anode last approximately 2 years.
Patent Pending by CMP.



You may purchase these items:

Pool Water Bond via Pump (LTB-1)   for  $29.38

Sacrificial Zinc Anode (ZAD-1)   for  $27.18

Inline Sacrificial Anode & Water Bond (ZBI-1)   for  $79.10

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